Microsoft Certified Partner Checklist

Microsoft invests heavily in its Microsoft Certified Partner community, but each organization has its own strengths and each project is unique. This checklist is intended as a starting point to ensuring you get the most from a service provider. Use these questions as a basis for the screening process, and be sure to check references and interview your prospective Microsoft Certified Partners in detail.

What percentage of the firm's staff is certified on your particular product of interest?

Will one or some of these individuals be available in the timeframe you need them?

Is ongoing support available for your project? What's included in the maintenance schedule? Does the company use remote technologies for support?

Does your solution require integration with other hardware or software systems?

Does the service provider have experience with the related hardware and software?

How many similar projects, using the same hardware/software, has the service provider completed?

Does the company provide end-user training?