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Feb. 23, 2010 News Variable Pipeline Planning; Database Wars; Win7 Anti-Piracy Update; IE 9


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- Prof. PowerShell: Variable Pipeline Planning
- Data Driver: Who Has the Edge in Database Wars?
- Redmond Radio: Win7 Anti-Piracy Update; SQL Service Packs; IE 9
- Cloud Ices Office 2010 Profits; MS Security Guru
  Jumps to Amazon
- Special Offers: Tools for Distributed IT Systems; Exchange 2010 Archiving  


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Leave it to the -OutVariable parameter to get you the results that
can be reused later.

By Jeffery Hicks

If you've been using PowerShell for a while, you've probably created
some complex pipeline expressions. I'd say the pipeline is probably
one of the reasons PowerShell shines as an administrative and
automation tool. However, you may have also run into problems trying
to re-use or access a variable from earlier in the pipeline. Here's
a one-line example:

PS C:\> get-childitem $env:temp -recurse | where {-Not
$_.PSIsContainer} | group-object extension | Sort Count,Name |
format-table Count,Name -autosize

This works just fine but perhaps you'd also like to add a custom
column in the table that shows a percentage based on the total
files, found from Get-ChildItem. By the time Format-Table is run,
the file objects are no longer in the pipeline.

The solution is to take advantage of the common parameter -OutVariable.
Every cmdlet supports this parameter. In this example I need to use it
with Where-Object:

PS C:\> get-childitem $env:temp | where {-Not $_.PSIsContainer}
-OutVariable files

The parameter has an alias of -ov. When I run this command, I still
get normal output but a new variable called $files is also created
that stores the results. When you use the parameter just specify
the name you want for the variable. You don't include the $ character.

By the way an expression like this sort of achieves ...

Continue reading.

Jeffery Hicks, MCSE,MCSA,MCT, is a Microsoft MVP and an IT veteran
with almost 20 years of experience, much of it spent as an IT
consultant specializing in Windows server technologies. He works
today as an independent author, trainer and consultant. Jeff has
co-authored or authored several books, courseware, and training
videos on administrative scripting and automation. His latest
book is Windows PowerShell 2.0: TFM (SAPIEN Press 2010) . You can follow Jeff at and .

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IBM and Microsoft have been positioning themselves for times like
these. One report offers its theories as to why they'll win customers
at the expense of Oracle.

By David Ramel

I found all kinds of interesting stuff in Information Technology
Intelligence Corp.'s recent 2010 Database Deployment Trends Survey,
which predicts more companies will be upgrading their infrastructure
this year, thus allowing database vendors a rare chance to persuade
customers to switch their RDBMS allegiances.

Usually, the cost and hassle of switching database systems is

In a blog posted Thursday titled "Database Competition Heats Up," ITIC

   A wholesale switch from one platform to another requires
   significant capital expenditure monies. Additionally, the
   business must also invest a lot of time and energy in
   converting to a new platform, testing new applications,
   rewriting scripts and re-training DBAs and getting them
   certified on the new environment. For CIOs, CTOs and IT
   departments this prospect has roughly the same appeal as
   having root canal without Novocain.

But with companies scrambling to remain competitive after two and half
years of cutting costs amid the economic downturn, they will be
upgrading their systems and possibly switching their vendors, ITIC said.

The research firm concluded: "What will distinguish the DBMS market
this year is that the always intense and vociferous vendor rivalries
will heat up even more over the next 12 months."

So I wondered which of the Big 4 database vendors have an advantage
going forward, specifically related to ...

Continue reading.

David Ramel is features editor at MSDN Magazine .


Hosted by Michael Domingo

In this week's episode:

- Windows 7 Gets Anti-Piracy Update
- New SQL Server Service Packs Coming
- IE 9 Details Expected in March
- Dell Buys KACE

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You said you can't get enough Microsoft news. We heard ya, so we've
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* Cloud Computing Is Disrupting Microsoft Office 2010 and its
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* Microsoft on EU Antitrust Talks: Just Like 'Fatal Attraction'
  (Main Justice)

* Microsoft security guru jumps to Amazon in latest defection

* Report: Chinese programmer wrote code used against Google (CNET)

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