Importing an ACT! Database

You can use Administrator or Maximizer to import ACT! contact management data directly into Maximizer.

Importing an ACT! database is straightforward, as Maximizer can detect the ACT! database version and map the fields automatically. The imported records are categorized as Companies/Individuals or Contacts, and stored in the currently open Address Book as a Favorite List.

Maximizer automatically detects the version that created your ACT! database. This applies the appropriate values for the fields so you do not have to know or specify the version number of ACT! for the conversion process.

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  1. Select File > Import > ACT! Database. Maximizer launches the import utility and the Import Databases dialog appears. The file format of an ACT! database (.dbf) is automatically selected for you.

  2. Locate the file you are importing. You may need to use the Network button or Drives drop-down list to access your folder.

  3. In the Import Options group box, select the Log errors to file option if you want to log all errors that occur during the import process to a text file. All other options in the Import Options group box are handled automatically by Maximizer.

  4. Specify how you want duplicate records handled. Your options include Do not check for duplicates or Combine companies with same name. After specifying the duplicate records options, click OK. If duplicate records are found in your data, the option you select here determines whether duplicate records are combined or not. They will be added to your Address Book. The Select Target Address Book dialog box appears.

  5. Maximizer requires that each Address Book entry be assigned a unique Address Book entry ID. If the import record contains an Address Book entry ID that is the same as an existing Maximizer Address Book entry or Contact, the Address Book entry ID of the imported entry is automatically changed when that entry is added to Maximizer and this action is recorded in the import error message file.

  6. From the list of available databases, select the Address Book that is to receive the imported ACT! data. To create a new Address Book to receive the imported data, click the New button.

The import process starts immediately. During the import process a status indicator will appear on your screen. Click Cancel if you want to halt the import process.

Once the data is imported, the Conversion Completed or Import Completed message box displays the number of fields read, imported, skipped, failed, or merged, and the number of records with associated import warnings.

  1. Click OK to close the message box.

The Errorlog.txt file appears in the same folder as your import file. Unless the import utility reports that all records were imported successfully, carefully review the ERRORLOG.TXT file to identify and resolve import problems.