Buying Gold from Canadian Banks

Many investment advisors, such as Monty Guild, recommend buying gold.  I bought some at $998 in 2009 and it is now up around $1540.  Silver is also good, which you can get into for under $50.

You can also get 1 oz. Maple Leave gold coins from Canadian banks.  You have to go there the first time in person, to open an account.  With an account at ScotiaBank you can order online and they will ship the coin(s) to your home address anywhere in Canada..  

Their branch in Niagra Falls is 905-356-2426
Web site  

The nice thing about Canadian coins is that you can go to a Canadian bank and deposit it in your account, then purchase things with a debit card.  In America, you would have to sell your coin on a special site, such as  then get the money to buy things. If you try to deposit a gold coin, they don't know have any procedure to do anything with it.  Even though the original intent of gold and silver coins was to be used for every day transactions, we have gotten so much away from that standard.

Things have gotten so ridiculous now.  Imagine if you went to your bank and asked to withdraw $100 in $1 coins from your account, and they charged you on top of that for doing so.  At least in Canada you can still get gold coins from a bank without a large surcharge (only if they have to mail you the coins).   This is what coin money was meant to be, by the U.S. Constitution.

Scotia Capital