Data Center

Rick, Scott, and Oksana (web designer) install a new server at the Data Center
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West of Washington DC, near the headquarters
of some of the world's largest telecommunications
corporations, such as AT&T and MCI.


Are a number of unmarked, fortress-like buildings
with access protected by a security gate.


An anonymous locked entrance


Leads to a vault like room
with only a badge and hand reader
and a security camera visible


Opening to an armed security guard
behind bullet proof glass


who has been watching our every move.


Oksana gets her security badge

A monitor scans the building, inside and out


Then we enter a 2nd, green vault like check point room


The door swings open

Now we can proceed to find our cabinet, in a cooled data server "ware house"


Entering the combination


to open the protective cage door


Here are our web servers


among the hundreds of others


Servers are protected here,
in an air conditioned, fireproof environment,


connected to the very back bone of the Internet


Connecting to the firewall

Web designer Oksana sees where she uploads her sites to.

We can access and monitor them here, or from remote.

Another server successfully installed,

safe in the fastest, most secure environment.

Ashburn, VA

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