GoldMine Setup
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Upgrading from Version 4.0 to Version 5.0

GoldMine 5.0 Server

  1. 1. See if GoldMine 4.0 is installed locally.  Note which directory, as you will want to install over the same directory.

  2. Launch the Server version (for example \\SERVER\Goldmine\GMW5.EXE

  3. Log in to GoldMine as administrator (Master Access)

  4. File
            License Manager
                Install Locally
                    C:\Program Files\GoldMine
            Check "Automatically update the GoldMine Progrma files

  5. Exit GoldMine to the Desktop

  6. Rename the icon to "GoldMine 5.0 Server"
    It is the server because it uses the server data

  7. Edit
        Toolbar - set to Basic ( or the default for your company)
        Internet - Email, chck Login and Password

  8. File
        You should see the network databases

  9. Exit

GoldMine 5.0 Local
For Laptops and Mobile users

  1. Launch your Server version of GoldMine (installed as above)

  2. On Setup, change Destination Folder to C:\GoldMine
    Choose Yes to create directory, if needed

  3. Enter Registration information

  4. Enter the Serial Number, which will start with a U