Data Conversion Tools

What you would need to do it on your own

Software Tool Purpose Price
SharkWare Open file, view UDFs and structure, prepare GoldMine Admin Record $100
GoldMine SDK Software Development Kit - utilities and functions to extend GoldMine Free
dBase GoldMine's native database format and engine $395
Visual Studio - Microsoft Visual Basic for script creation, and FoxPro for database manipulation $549
Microsoft ODBC wpe2.jpg (1321 bytes) Open Data Base Connectivity Included
Microsoft SQL Server 7 Universal Data Access,   Utility for converting Btrieve to MSSQL MCSP
ZedTek's ZTreeWin Direct byte level file manipulation and checking.
ICC database expert Damon Corners' recommended database utility
SyBase Database engine for SharkWare $1,400
TOTAL Software for performing SharkWare-GoldMine Conversion yourself $1,668