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Standard Summary Lists

Totaling and SubTotaling


Band Style Report Writer

Mailing Labels

Form Letters

Standard Forms

Include Graphics and Logos

Includes Bar, Line, and Pie Charts

Special Functions

Simple List Reports

Report Variables

Unlimited SQL Queries and Reports in a List

The user can simply select the report, then Run

You then see the report in Preview mode.  Simply click the printer for paper output.

When you click Modify, you can edit the list, and the SQL commands

Customizable report writer that can be included in a Standalone Exe

Makes the "impossible reports" possible

Many times Reporter Fox has made reports possible that could not be done otherwise:

1. In ACT! you can report on Sales by Stage, but not by product.  Here is a solution

2. In Microsoft Access, you can make a great crosstab and print it from the preview, but not run it through the report writer, or produce vertical totals of the data.

3. In Goldmine there is no crosstab report.  This allows you to add it to the tool bar.

4. FoxPro's report writer, the basis of this product, produces millions of invoices for major telecommunications companies.


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