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User Group for Visual Foxpro developers in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. See our website at
Members: 136 | Archives: Members only
2 seattlevfpsig
The Seattle VFP SIG caters to Visual FoxPro enthusiasts in the greater Seattle area. We meet on the third Monday of each month on the Microsoft campus. See for ... more
Members: 77 | Archives: Members only
3 atp_net
atp programř išin kurulmu■ olan e-group listesine ho■geldiniz.
Members: 47 | Archives: Members only
4 telemagicsupport
This group was designed for end-users, network admins, and IT managers (and others!) to discuss issues related to Telemagic for Windows.
Members: 45 | Archives: Members only
5 foxprodevs
Hi, Foxpro People. Let discuss about our common pasion: Developing Fox Apps. Everybody is welcome /Hola, Gente de Fox. Discutamos sobre nuestra pasion comun: Desarrollar aplicaciones en ... more
Members: 20 | Archives: Public
6 ikfoxgroup
Ikatan Foxpro Programmer
Members: 17 | Archives: Members only
7 malaysiafoxprousergroup
Malaysia FoxPro User Group
Members: 8 | Archives: Public
8 foxproprogrammersassistant
Foxpro Programmers Assistant
Members: 7 | Archives: Public
9 vfoxpromexico
Aficionados y Programadores de Visual FoxPro, que radican en Mexico
Members: 7 | Archives: Members only
10 rmfug
Rocky Mountain FoxPro and Visual FoxPro User Group in Greater Denver, Colorado
< 5 | Archives: Members only
11 FoxFireRep
Questions and discussion about FoxFire. No junk mail, so you can take email without being hounded. Messages on the subject of FoxFire report writer posted. Other stuff is deleted.
< 5 | Archives: Public
12 vfug_pakistan
All of us have a common feeling about FoxPro; we Love it. The reason of forming this group is to create a place where FoxPro/VFP programmers can share their knowledge and problems. ... more
< 5 | Archives: Members only
13 providerresourceforum
Are you an Independent Provider or Professional Escort? Wondering when one of your sisters will lead a forum for Input, Ratings, and Hobbyists Profiles? Frustrated that you are unable ... more
< 5 | Archives: Members only
- Advanced Programming/Development and Top Level Solutions in Visual FoxPro, Version 6.0 and Later. - Desarrollo y Programaciˇn avanzada y Soluciones de alto nivel en Visual Fox Pro. ... more
< 5 | Archives: Members only
15 medpro
Medrpo - Software apotik yang efektif dan efisien, sesuai dengan sistem manajemen apotik di Indonesia
< 5 | Archives: Public