Steps to Download

Microsoft Certified Professional Assessment Examination


Assess your current capabilities with Microsoft FoxPro

Learn new features you might not have otherwise come across

Add "Microsoft Certified Professional in FoxPro" to your resume and improve your marketability

Some people rebel against their providing yet another "standard" for the industry. But the only available certification program in FoxPro is provided by Microsoft itself. If there are any other exams or learning tools available, please let me know.


1. Create a directory on your computer called C:\CPASMT (or D:\CPASMT)

2. Download Microsoft Certified Professional Assessment into C:\CPASMT

3. Use PKUNZIP to uncompress it.

4. You may now erase CPASMT.ZIP

5. Click on LnchTst.exe to start the multiple choice practice exams.

6. You will be prompted to enter your name, and to select a test from a variety of Microsoft software exams.