SendData Programs

SendData.Bat and SendData.FTP

These two programs work together to help you use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to send you data files to our secure server for processing.  This system may work, if a program like CuteFTP cannot be installed, or if you are having difficulty sending files from behind a fire wall.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make a Zip file, using or to compress and combine your data file(s) in to a Zip file.

  2. Download SendData.Bat and SendData.FTP in to that same folder with the .Zip file.

  3. Select the Start Button, then Run, then type "Command"

  4. At the DOS Command prompt, type CD to navigate to the folder with the above files.
        Use the DIR command to see the names of the folders, which may be shortened with a ~ tilde symbol.

  5. Type:  SENDDATA, then the name of the file, for example:

  6. You will see something like the following screen.

  7. Press any key to continue. 
    You will see ### signs to show the progress

  8. That's it.  You may now type EXIT to exit the Command Window.