People often ask us which Contact Management system is the best?  That depends on your needs.

We try to stay objective on this, but the main thing is that you enjoy your new software.  We suggest you download the demos from
which seem to be the top 3 is one to watch for too.
There are online ones, such as and

It depends on how you want to access your database, how many users, and whether you have many people per organization, or a few, in your database.

Here are some miscellaneous Cons and Pros on the ones we know (listed alphabetically)

List of Popular Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software

Contact Manager



ACT! Handles companies with a few individuals but has no "Company Table".  Best selling
Easy to learn
Many AddOns and education resources
Flexible screen layouts
Goldmine A bit harder to learn
Many features may be overwhelming
Screen is not as flexible
Has many features
Integrates both Incoming and Outgoing email
(most others only store Outgoing email with the contact)
Maximizer Basically "list" oriented, with a small, inflexible screen form. Works like a spreadsheet
Many features
Microsoft Access It can take months to create your own system, while ready made options exist But it will be exactly what you want, if you have special needs
Microsoft CRM (not  ready to make a comment)
(not ready to make a comment)
Microsoft Outlook Not really a contact manager as it does not link the contact with the calendar and task list Widely used, comes with Microsoft Office $65/month
What if you can't get online?
Access your database from the web
Oracle Small Business
$50/month for CRM
$90/month for CRM and Accounting
What if you can't get online?
Puts it all together, from cold call, through sales, through support, with one system and no duplicate entry
Sharkware Out of business, no more support Easy to use, many features
TeleMagic About to be discontinued Easy to use, many features
Others We recommend going with a major brand that will be around