Data Conversion Quality Assurance

Check List for:

# Done Function
1 Contacts count matches the source data
2 Accounts count matches the source data
3 Contacts generally appear normal from random testing
4 Accounts (Organizations) generally appear normal from random testing
5 Converted contact names ok
6 Converted addresses ok
7 Converted secondary Contacts & addresses ok
8 Converted tertiary Contacts & addresses, either as new contacts or along with primary contact
9 Country Code in phone and Zip Code placement is appropriate for the country
10 No duplicate records
11 No blank records
12 Converted primary phone numbers
13 Converted secondary phone numbers with labels
14 Converted Activities (calls, meetings, to-do's)
15 Keeps Activities linked to contacts
16 Converted History
17 Converted Notes
18 Converted Groups
19 Converted Email addresses
20 Converted Links to documents
21 Converted Sales / Opportunities
22 Converted email contents - the actual messages
23 Filters in to Groups ok
24 Converted User rights
25 User Defined Fields have original labels
26 Record Manager is correct
27 Makes sure all Unique Id's are filled properly
28 Trims character fields of excess blanks
29 Retain Record Creator, Date, and Time
30 Retain Group Creator
31 Fill in Group Descriptions
32 DeDuplicate Groups
33 Make Contacts Public or Private as in Goldmine
34 Make Activities Public or Private as in Goldmine
35 Import multiple Web Site URLs
36 Fill in Country from Phone Area Code
37 Mobile Phone and Pagers in correct fields
38 Removes extra 1's for USA and fix dashes in Phone numbers
39 Phone Extensions in proper case and place
40 Special handling for GM User List
41 Color Activity by Priority Hi=Red, Med=Blue, Low=Black
42 Check FName and LName for proper Lookup
43 For MS, emphasize Historytab

Issues Found:

Quality Assurance Technician:

Date of Testing:

Status: Failed (Do over again)  Pass (Ok to send to customer)