Introduction to Macintosh


This course is designed to familiarize the students with the basics of using the Macintosh environment and the common commands which  will enable them to go on to use other software on the Mac.Learning / Performance Objectives:* 

Perform proper Mac start-up and shut-down procedures;

* Manipulate the mouse by pointing, clicking, and dragging;

* Select, de-select, and open icons and pull-down Finder menus;

* Execute short-cut options with the Command and Control Keys;

* Change and view windows with the zoom, size, and scroll fboxes;

* Move, activate, and access multiple windows on the Desktop;

* Use the Macintosh calculator, calendar, and alarm clock;

* Copy and import items to and from the Scrapbook;

* Change printer Chooser and Control Panel settings;

* Locate a file using the File Find accessory;

* Manage files by organizing them into hierarchical folders;

* Use standard editing techniques such as Cut, Copy, and Paste;

* Sample a few Macintosh software packages such as Word, Excel,

and PageMaker.

Target audience: Those who are going to be learning other software on the Macintosh or those who wish to refresh themselves on the basics._