Advanced TeleMagic

Who should attend: Experienced users of TeleMagic Enterprise V4 such as administrators and power users, or attendees of the Using TeleMagic Enterprise V4 course.

Course Requirements: None

Course Description: Advanced TeleMagic Enterprise V4 teaches the features needed by power users and administrators including database setup, screen design, database manipulation, using the Automation Server, creating Quick Lists and Custom Reports, maintenance, and a brief discussion of the Data Synchronization Server data transfer system. This is the last of the three core TeleMagic V4 courses.

Course Length: 8 hours of class time.

Course Overview:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Welcome to the World of TeleMagic!

Tell Me About This Workbook!

What's Next?

Chapter 2 - Database Design & Development

Database Design

Starting Simple: Creating a Database

Creating a Copy of an Existing Database

Installing a Template

Adding a Blank Database

Rebuilding the Database

What’s Next? Adding Fields to Your New Database!

Using Unique Numbers

Calculated, Validated and Default Value Fields

Chapter 3 - Screen Designer

Creating Screen Designs

Start at the Basics—Map Out the Contact Views

Planning Over? Let’s Create a View!

Explanation of the Screen Designer Tools

Editing Objects

Saving Your Work

Before You Continue

Advanced Screen Designing

Chapter 4 - Automation Server

Automation Server- Faxing, E-mail, and a Whole Lot More!

Things to Know Before Setting Up the Automation Server

Important Notes About Faxmodem Installation and Setup

Setting Up the Automation Server for Faxing

Faxmodems, Modems and Network Internet Connections

Internet E-mail and the Automation Server

Wireless Messages and the Automation Server

Setting Up Word Processors

Setting the Automation Server Password

Establishing Server Downtime

Setting Up Queues

Choosing a Server and Processing a Queue

Monitoring a Queue

Automating the Automation Server

Maintaining Queues

Using the Print Queue

Rebuilding the Automation Server

Chapter 5 - Quick Lists & Custom Reports

What are Quick Lists and Custom Reports?

Quick Lists

Creating a Custom Report

Chapter 6 - Security Groups & User Groups

Security Groups and User Groups

TeleMagic Security

Creating and Working With Security Groups

Database Security

User Groups

Chapter 7 - Contact Utilities, Tags & List Boxes

Contact Utilities



Group Replace

Group Delete/Recover

Group Duplicate Checking

Reset Unique Numbers

Record Reassignment

Record Initialization

Tagging and Marking Records

List Boxes

Chapter 8 - Maintenance

Maintenance - Why Bother?



System and Other Important Reports

Database Utilities (DBUTIL.EXE)

Dealing With Errors

Chapter 9 - Data Synchronization Server

What Is Data Synchronization Server?

Why Would I Use DSS?