Intermediate to TeleMagic


Who should attend: Users of TeleMagic Enterprise V4 with some basic experience, or attendees of the Introduction to TeleMagic Enterprise V4 course.


Course Requirements: None


Course Description: Using TeleMagic Enterprise V4 teaches users the intermediate features of setting up and using TeleMagic to connect to the outside world, including setting Preferences, using TeleMagic for word processing, faxing, e-mail, wireless messaging (paging), and generating standard reports. This is the second of the three core TeleMagic V4 courses.


Course Length: 8 hours of class time.


Course Overview:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Welcome to the World of TeleMagic!

Tell Me About This Workbook!

What's Next?

Chapter 2 - Preferences

What are Preferences

Activity Preferences

Contact Preferences

Database Preferences

Dialer Preferences

Directory Preferences

Display Preferences

Fax Preferences

Function Key Preferences

Key Field Preferences

System Preferences

Toolbar Preferences

Users Preferences

Wireless Messaging Preferences

Writing Preferences

Chapter 3 - Word Processing

Using TeleMagic With Your Word Processor

Working With Word Processor Documents While Inside TeleMagic

Document or Template?

Adding a New Document or Template

Linking Documents to Contact Records

Using TeleMagic Fields in Your Document

Changing a Document or Template

Editing an Existing Document

Using Quick Letter

Chapter 4 - Faxing Basics

Faxing With TeleMagic

Setting up for Local Faxing

Creating a Fax

Sending the Fax

Faxing External Documents & Reports

Maintaining Local Faxes

Chapter 5 - E-mail

TeleMagic Internet Mail

Starting Internet Mail Outside of TeleMagic

Starting Internet Mail Inside TeleMagic

Internet Mail Main Screen

Setting Up An Internet Mail Account

Composing A New Message

Sending E-mail to Contacts

Linking To A Contact Record

Using the TeleMagic Internet Mail Address Book

Setting Up A TagLine

Receiving Mail

Searching for E-Mail

Fine Tuning TeleMagic Internet Mail

Chapter 6 - Wireless Messaging

What is Wireless Messaging

Setup Up Wireless Messaging

Sending Wireless Messages to Contacts

Sending Wireless Messages to Other TeleMagic Users

Sending Wireless Messages to Anyone Else

Chapter 7 - Standard Reports

TeleMagic Does Reports?

What is a Standard Report?

Activity-based Standard Reports

Contact-based Standard Reports