Introduction to TeleMagic

Who should attend: New users of TeleMagic Enterprise V4.

Course Requirements: None

Course Description: Introduction to TeleMagic Enterprise V4 teaches new users the basic layout and terminology found in TeleMagic V4. This course reviews the Activity Manager (calendar) and the Contact Manager screen. There is also a chapter on using TeleMagic with outgoing and incoming telephone calls. This is the first of the three core TeleMagic V4 courses.

Course Length: 6 to 8 hours of class time.

Course Overview:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Welcome to the World of TeleMagic!

Tell Me About This Workbook!

What's Next?

Chapter 2 - Getting Started

Where Do We Start?

In the Beginning...

Starting TeleMagic

The TeleMagic Main Window

Common TeleMagic Terminology

The System Toolbar

Navigating the Menus

Working with Dialog Boxes

Exiting TeleMagic

Chapter 3 - Activity Manager

What is the Activity Manager?

How can the Activity Manager help me?

How are Events Tracked?

How can I see my scheduled Events?

Creating and Editing Activities

Creating and Editing To-Dos

Linking To-Dos and Activities to Contact Records

Assigning Activities to Individuals & Groups, Resources, and Availability

Recurring Activities

Chapter 4 - Contact Manager

What is the Contact Manager?

Tell me more about these "database levels"

The Contact Manager Toolbar

Using the Contact Manager

Chapter 5 - Dialing

How Can TeleMagic Work With My Phone?

Calling a Contact

Using Zoom Dial to Make a Series of Outgoing Calls

Receiving an Incoming Call

Setting Recalls

Using an RCL Field for Recalls



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