Symphony for Lotus 1-2-3 Users

This hands-on course is designed for participants who know disk operations and already use or know LOTUS 1-2-3, and who need to learn Symphony and its applications. Brief lectures introduce topics, and practical hands-on exercises devlop skills. The text becomes the student's reference tool. More than 70% of the course is hands-on use of Symphony.

Learning Objectives: After completing this course, a participant will be able to :

* Know the difference between LOTUS 1-2-3 and Symphony;

* Know Symphony capabilities, applications, and limitations;

* Create, save, and print speadsheets;

* Format, copy, and retrieve spreadsheets;

* Use formulas, What If Tables, and to protect spreadsheets;

* Create, enter, and save data in a database;

* Retrieve, sort, and print data from a Symphony database;

* Embed database information in spreadsheets;

* Build line and bar graphs;

* Print data in graph form; and

* Embed graphs in spreadsheets.


Target Audience: This course is useful for professional, managerial and administrative personnel at all levels who will be using spreadsheets, databases, and graphics.