Introduction to FileMaker

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to ways to apply FileMaker to your day to day microcomputer work. FileMaker is a database management program for the IBM and compatible computers. This course is divided into six main sections introduction to databases, general maintenance functions, database design, searching, indexing, and reporting. The terminology and concepts provide a base for FileMaker "literacy". The class exercises provide "hands-on" experience. The course is designed for the first-time FileMaker user. More than 70% of the class time is hands-on use of FileMaker.


1 Become familiar with the terminology and major functions

of a database management system (DBMS)


2 Edit existing, add new, and delete old database records


3 Design and create a database system using FileMaker


4 Search the database for particular information


5. Index the database to view it in different orders


6 Design and run a report on the database file