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This course expands upon the topics covered in Introduction to ACT!

ACT! is the best selling contact management software on the market. It combines the functions of a database, word processing, and scheduling software into a fully integrated package. Users can schedule Calls, Meetings, and Things To Do using the calendar feature, and be reminded automatically by ACT! Customizable form letters, envelopes, and fax cover sheets are automatically addressed and can be printed, or faxed, from within ACT! Various progress reports can be customized and printed to monitor and maximize the use of the user's time. This course includes tips and short cuts to make maximum use of the software as soon as possible. Over 75% of the class involves hands-on practice. By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

Among the many topics taught in the intermediate and Advanced levels of ACT! for Windows are as follows:

1 Customizing the Contract Screen and Creating Macros

2 Understanding Directories and File Extensions used by ACT!

4 Scheduling and Organizing Activities

5 Using the Group feature

6 Using the Word Processor and Working with Documents – MS-Word or ACT-Word

7 Creating Custom Letter Templates

8 Creating Custom Report Templates

9 Adding Templates to Your Menu

10 Editing Field Labels and User Fields

11 Defining Field Attributes

12. Customizing your Screen Layout

13 Creating a Backup to Your ACT! Data

14 Using the ACT! Diag Utility

15 Launching to Other Programs

16 Synchronization with other users

17 Linking to Handheld versions of ACT! (Windows CE, HP 300LX, Palm Pilot, Newton, etc.)

18 Products that work with ACT! (WinFax, OakPak, MapLink)

19 Linking ACT! Data files to Microsoft Access and other database programs.

The instructor can customize the class to meet the participants needs providing the organization lets the staff of Computer Instructors know within five working days of the class.