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Biography for USDA Catalog
List of Instructors

Rick has taught about 800 computer class days and thousands of students for the USDA Graduate School since teaching a MultiMate class in 06/03/1987.   Since then he has taught such courses as Novell Netware certification, Access and FoxPro programming, Excel, Visual Basic, Lotus, and Windows.  See Online Resume

He shares his real world experience from consulting and training for such clients as the staff of Senator Phil Gramm, British Embassy, Canadian Embassy, Honduras Embassy, U.S. Army - Air Force - Marines - Navy, General Barry McCaffrey (White House Drug Policy "Czar"), Dr. Larry Farwell, and the Tour Manager of the Rolling Stones.   The World Bank has sent him to teach computer courses in locations such as El Salvador and Armenia.

Rick co-founded Computer Instructors Corporation in 1984

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Colgate (Hamilton NY) 1978
Senior project in "Computers in Cryptanalysis and Cryptology"
Master of Arts degree in Education is from Maharishi University of Management (Fairfield IA) 1981
    Thesis in "Correlation between Logical Reasoning Ability and EEG Brain Wave Coherence"

Rick's corporate certifications include:
CompTIA A+ certification
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Visual FoxPro (MS Visual Studio), 1996
Oracle Small Business Certified Consultant, NetSuite.com specialist, 2001
Crystal Reports Solutions Partner
GoldMine Solutions Partner, 1997 - 2000
Symantec Corporation: ACT! Certified Consultant (ACC), 1993
Salesforce.com Business Partner, 2001

Rick is also active as a volunteer with the Capital PC User Group, serving on the Board of Directors
Member, National Association of Government Contractors
Founder: Access special interest division
Co-Founder: FoxPro special interest division
Chairman, ACT! special interest division
Founder: Meditation special interest group of Mensa
Certified Instructor, Relaxation Response (stress management technique), Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education, 2002

United States Marine Corps, Honorable Discharge,  3/24/1976

Rick's company ColumbiaInternet.Com hosts over 500 web site domains, including:
CrystalCity.com, BrainWaveScience.com, CHGourmetImports.com, Oksana.org, FirstGeorgetown.com

Rick is a part time instructor at
Howard Community College, Columbia, MD