Over million people have joined the Do Not Call List. 

How many is that? 

 Using the typical small type size, columns and pages
of a standard phone book:
100 phone numbers per column
x 6 columns of phone numbers per page
x 1000 pages per volume = 600,000 per volume
 x 212 volumes = ,000,000 phone numbers



or at 12 bytes per phone
Example: 1234567890 with carriage return
1.4 Gigabytes


or at 1 phone number per inch
,000,000 inches / 12
= 17,666,666 feet
divided by 5280 feet per mile
3,345 miles
the distance from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20580
 longer than to San Francisco, California
on Route 70 West


one inch per phone number


or at 1 phone number per dollar
would take Bill Gates
over  10 days to earn it!

1000 phone numbers per page would be 50 rows by 20 columns

If you stacked those sheets of paper 100 per inch, standard for a ream of paper, it would create a stack of paper 176 feet high

million / 1000 numbers per page / 100 pages per inch / 12 inches per foot = 176 feet

If you read 1 phone number per second, it would take 3.4 years to read them all.

million seconds / 60 seconds per minute / 60 seconds per hour / 24 hours per day / 365 days per year =  6.7 years

It takes an automatic dialer about 1 second to dial a number, which would also take 6.7 years to dial them all.

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In the first week, there were over 12 million people joining the Do Not Call List
By July 10, 2003 these numbers have nearly
 September 1, 2003, there were over
50 million
January 1, 2005 there were
80 million
September 30, 2005 there were
107 million
June 20, 2006 there were 125 million
September 1, 2013 there were 212 million

Do Not Call Number Distribution Analysis Reports

How many phone numbers are there from each State?

How many phone numbers are there from each Area Code?

How many phone numbers are there starting with each Digit?