ACT! 6.0


Check out the Top 10 Reasons you should upgrade to ACT! 6.0

1.           Completely new ACT! e-mail 
Helps you create, send, receive and track graphical HTML e-mail from within ACT!. Included are some email templates and wizards for easy set up

2.           Enhanced Outlook integration
Microsoft Outlook and ACT! are more closely integrated than ever!

3.           Active libraries
Attach, view, and edit documents, graphics, and spreadsheets from any contact record.

4.           Contact activity lookup
Discover the untapped potential of inactive prospects while easily retrieving your best clients.

5.             Calendar pop-ups
Just mouse over any calendar item to see the event details INSTANTLY.

6.           Advanced alarms
Monitor alarms in multiple ACT! databases — even when ACT! isn't running!

7.           New Annual Event Tracking makes it a snap to look up birthdays, anniversaries, expiration dates, and other annual events.

8.           Improved Internet services
Surf the web without leaving ACT! and attach web pages to contacts.

9.           Easy installation and instant data  conversion gets you up and running fast while automatically converting your existing ACT! information.

10.      It’s guaranteed to help you make contact, build relationships and get results - faster than ever!

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