How to Install ACT! Screen Layouts

ACT! 7.0

ALY - Account LaYout  (ACT 7.0 only)
CLY - Contact LaYout
GLY - Group LaYout

ACT! Knowledge Base articles

How To Use a Layout  in More Than One  ACT! 2005 Database\

How To Transfer an ACT! 2005 Layout or Other Supplementary File To a Different Database

Basically, you copy and paste the layout file(s)  from one folder to another.

Exit ACT!, then restart to see the layout in your list of Layouts in the lower left corner of the screen.

ACT! 6.0

Click on the given a link to download the CLY and/or GLY file.  Or they may be emailed to you as an attachment.

If it is an ZIP file, please be careful not to Open it on the Desktop.  Place the ZIP in the folder for Layouts, then as a separate operation double click to extract them.

You can download the files in to the ACT\Layout folder. (Again, don't open the ZIP, but SAVE it to this folder.)

This folder may be near the top of a drive, or beneath the Program Files folder, for example:
   C:\Program Files\ACT\Layout  
   or  Z:\ACT\Layout  (where Z: is your server drive)

You can find this folder by checking in ACT! under Edit Preferences


Then click on the ZIP (file to extract the .CLY file(s)

Group Layouts are named with a .GLY extension

ACT! will look in the ACT\Layout folder for the various CLY and GLY files, and automatically fill in the list of layouts that you see in the bottom of the ACT! interface.

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