General Steps
Goldmine to ACT! conversion

Rick Shaddock, C I Corporation
202-829-4444, 800-319-3190

PHASE 1 - Analysis of Goldmine files
0:00 Download client's Goldmine file from web drive
0:15 UnZip files 
0:20 Convert Goldmine files to 5.0 (if necessary)
     Upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0, 3.0 to 4.0, 4.0 to 5.0
0:35 Pack and ReBuild Goldmine file to establish file integrity
1:00 General overview - see if the GM data is in the right places
1:05 Inspect the Contact and secondary Contacts data
1:15 Study client's use of the Calendar, Activities, History
1:30 See how Groups are used by the client, record for test phase
1:35 Examine Sales/Opps/Projects

PHASE 2 - Prepare file using Goldmine 
1:45 Merge/Purge if necessary
     File Customize Define Fields 
     Prepare fields for conversion
     Make closer to ACT's structure
     Prepare list of filters, groups for conversion to ACT

PHASE 3 - Prepare file using dBase for Windows 
2:00 Borland Database Engine - Goldmine native format
     Download/Convert from SQL Server/Oracle format if necessary
     Run GMPrepare.Prg in dBase
     Global replace, FORMS.DBF document template if necessary.
     Output FIELDS.DBF for UDF's in ACT!
     Create file for FILTERS and Groups
     Output to DBFs for import into ACT!, such as USERS.DBF

PHASE 4 - ACT! 2000 Structure Setup
2:55 Go in ACT and create an empty ACT 2000 database 

PHASE 5 - Microsoft Visual FoxPro 
3:00 Open in Visual FoxPro
     Create view file and browse tables
Run the ACTFox.Prg and Gold-ACT program with customizations as needed
Select the Goldmine data folder to convert
Conversion: 6000 records per hour
(Clock off while computer works on the file)

PHASE 6 - Sequitter CodeBase 
4:00 (Time depends on number of records)
GM2ACT in Codebase & Visual Basic
Convert Dates to ACT format
Run Microsoft Visual Basic - GM-ACT() function
Insert Notes, Attachments, etc.
Check for BLB file integrity

PHASE 7 - ACT! again
Open database with ACT! again
File Maintenance, Compress & Reindex
(Clock off if large file)

PHASE 8 - Final touches
Edit, Replace, Swap Address3/User field for Web site URL
Import Group list if necessary
Import Popup files
Final Compress and Reindexing database
Set up Users and Synchronization settings

PHASE 9 - Testing & Quality Control
Spot check for consistency between GM version and ACT version
Compare results
Preview activity, history, and notes reports on each file
Check email addresses, web sites, and links

Phase 10 - Wrap Up and Delivery to client
Go to DOS
Upload PkZip .EXE for client to conveniently extract
Get into Internet Explorer
Upload into Secure server via FTP
Click on Upload button
Also upload the \CAC\ReadMe.txt file
Also upload the \CAC\Goldmine.Cly file
Click on the link to verify file size

PHASE 11 - Notification 
Go in to ACT!
Send client an email or call that the file is ready.
Make sure client was able to download OK
Ask if everything converted to their satisfaction

PHASE 12 - Invoice
Go in to Netledger
Send invoice

Coming soon: Goldmine to SalesLogix Conversion Process