Special Ops

Examples of Requests for Special Operations

You can specify your particular needs for the conversion.
Here are some examples of requests we have had from customers:

1.) "You don't need to worry about multiple contacts; we have already separated them out in to individual contacts. "

2.) "The only thing we need from the Projects is the Testing Notes notes to be put with the regular notes. We don't need anything else from the Projects. "

3.) "We want the Company names that appear more than once to be imported into the Groups. "

4.) "We don't need any of the user fields. We do want our notes, history, and calendar items and everything on the top half of the screen (Company name and address (the country field we use and Address3 field), phone and fax numbers, contact information, Industry, Interest, Contact Type, Account Manager, and Open). We have put a location number for some of the accounts in the Open field to make updating from our Total Elevator program easier; so this is a very important field for us. "

5.) "I have attached my elevator list in Excel format for the calendar. The list contains the elevator ID#, the location# (the same number that is currently in the Open field in Goldmine), the date the elevator was last tested, and the date of the next test. I would like both dates on the calendar because the date of the last test is always correct, but the date of the next test is not always accurate. I'm not sure you can do this, but I would like the two to be distinguishable (one is ToDo, the Other Meeting; one is High Priority, the other Low Priority; whatever you can do.) "