ACTConvert resists
Goldmine Assimilation

1992 - The Year of First Contact Management

Ends Goldmine's one-way conversion advantage

wpe9.jpg (5819 bytes)     
"7 of 6" before his conversion to ACT!

For years, Goldmine enjoyed the strategic advantage
of being able to easily "upgrade" and convert contact data from ACT! 
while ACT! was unable to convert them in the other direction.



Goldmine includes a feature to automatically assimilate ACT! databases:
Tools menu - Import Wizard: Import ACT! Data - Import a new file using an existing profile
ImpWizACT.jpg (38294 bytes)
Goldmine's Import Wizard screen
illustrates 3 Gold Borg cubes orbiting Earth
and probing your computer

 wpe6.jpg (20947 bytes)
Goldmine can import ACT! Contacts, Activities, History and E-mail records

Once ACT! database contacts were assimilated into a Goldmine collective,  there was no way to get them back to their original form in ACT!

Resistance was futile.

Goldmine Software is aggressive in the marketplace with its "Upgrade Campaign"


Goldmine can convert whole groups of contacts
and "upgrade" whole companies within minutes.


ACT! can now offer resistance, and strike back!


Commander Data performs Data Conversion

Earlier contact de-conversions with the .MAP or MigrateAdmin
lost something in the translation.
Contacts were left with no activities, no history, no notes, and no email addresses.
They lost their group membership, and were left in a less useful state.

Analysis continued into Goldmine's complex data structure and table relationships


Goldmine doesn't make it easy to convert from its format.
But now it can be done.

wpe2.jpg (51815 bytes)

Contact Annika Hansen before her import and assimilation
into Goldmine's rigid and inflexible square compartments.

wpe1.jpg (46948 bytes)

"Contact 7 of 9" is brought in for the de-assimilation process.
Captain Asgari authorizes the conversion.

Doctor ACT analyzes contact, activities, and history and makes notes
during the conversion process.

Contact "7 of 9" coming back to her original form

Another successful conversion process complete.


wpeB.jpg (17636 bytes)    rickservers.jpg (120087 bytes)
Data Commander Rick runs a conversion enterprise
working around the clock to transport your data at warp speed.

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