If the ACT! file is Corrupted

  ACT! database preparation
Some programs may not be able to import a corrupted database. You may need to prepare the database in ACT! before importing it.
  To prepare the database before importing:

1. In ACT, create a new (blank) database (File – New – ACT! Database).

2. Enter a name for the new database (e.g. New_DB) and click Save.

3. In the Enter My Record Information screen, enter Temp for Company and Temp for Name. click OK.

4. When you receive the message, Is the My Record information complete and correct?, click Yes.

5. ACT! creates a new database with one entry. To open the database you wish to import, choose File – Open. Locate and highlight the database and click Open.

6. Choose File – Synchronize Setup. This will allow you to transfer your records from your current database to the new one you created. If you receive an introduction screen, select Don’t show this screen in the future and click Next.

7. Select Database to Database and click Next. If you receive an email prompt, click No.

8. Click Browse and locate the new database you created in step 1. Highlight the database and click Open, then click Next.

9. Verify that Notes/History and Activities are selected. Select them if they are not. Click Next.

10. Select All groups and all contacts and click Next.

11. Select Send and receive private data and click Next.

12. Select Send and receive data field definitions and Field definitions from my database and click Next.

13. When asked about automatic scheduling, select No and click Next.

14. Select Send all records and click Finish.

15. In the Synchronization screen, click Synchronize. Wait for the synchronization to begin.

16. Once the record transfer process is complete, choose File – Open. Highlight the new database (e.g. New_DB) and click Open. This will open the new database. You should now see all records transferred, including notes and appointments.

17. Choose File – Administrator - Database Maintenance and select Re-index. Click OK.

Do not Compress the database! Some programs will not import the database properly if the ACT! database is compressed

After the process is complete, the database is ready to import. Close and exit ACT!