ACT! Certified Consultant (Class of 1992)
ACT! Certified Professional
ACT! Certified Trainer

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Rick Shaddock
ACT! Certified Consultant
(Class of 1992)

Rick Shaddock, was one of the first ACT! Certified Consultants. He has been a part of the Washington ACT! community since 1993, developing sales force automation solutions for a wide range of companies and organizations. Rick started out as a salesperson. Before discovering ACT!, he created SalesTrak, his own contact management system in dBase. So, he knows where you are coming from, your needs, and challenges.

Rick has taught hundreds of people in ACT! since 1992
for clients ranging from Senator Phil Gramm to the British Embassy to the Rolling Stones.

He has worked with all versions, from the old DOS versions to the Macintosh to the newest ACT! for Windows.

Rick carries ACT! with him at all times in his Windows CE palmtop.

He has created Add-on products for ACT!

ACT! is a product of Symantec Corporation

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