Access User Groups
In the Washington Area

Mid-Atlantic Access Users Group (MAAUG)

Meets 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm
National Association Social Workers
(next to Union Station Metro)
750 1st Street NE, Suite 700
Washington, DC
The Mid-Atlantic Access User Group (MAAUG), has been in operation for about three years. Guest speakers include Luke Chung of FMS and Andrew Coupe of the Microsoft Access development team. The CPCUG and MAAUG have a mix of members ranging from novices to a number of very experienced programmers.
Contact: Bruce Troutman 800-918-5670

Richmond Access/Visual Basic Developers' Forum

President Name: Tracy A. Howard (804) 273-6244
Meeting Dates (e.g. 3rd Wednesday): 1st Wednesday Semi-Monthly
Meeting Location: Variable
CompuServe and/or internet contact info for the group:
Yearly Dues: NONE

Washington Area Access Users Group

President: Tom Linnell (301)279-0053
CompuServe 76465,2476
Access BBS 704-644-6374

Central Maryland Visual Basic/Access Users Group

President: Mr Steve Rosenbach
(410) 495-4378
Meets 2nd Thursday every month

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1 AccessDevelopers
A discussion group for Developers of Microsoft Access, any version and related products. Discussing subjects such as DDE/Automation of other applications, Lotus Notes, Word, Excel etc. ... more
Members: 1351 | Archives: Members only
2 accessvbacentral
Check out the NEW BULLETIN BOARD at
Members: 1023 | Archives: Public
3 Peters_Software_Mailing_List
MS Access newsletter list with tools, tips, and the latest happenings, and software releases from Peter's Software, makers of ShrinkerStretcher for MS Access, and other popular Access ... more
Members: 974 | Archives: Members only
4 msaccessclub
MS Access Club
Members: 960 | Archives: Public
5 ms_access
Help and advice for users of MS access
Members: 779 | Archives: Public
6 BannerAccess
Welcome to Banner/Access! Remember to set the email option after you have subscribed. You may receive email for each message posted, a daily digest or never receive email and just ... more
Members: 456 | Archives: Members only
7 AccessWizards
This is the Yahoo group for emailing the AccessWizards newsletter subscribers. Subscribe to receive free tips and tricks for using Microsoft Access. Download free software at ... more
Members: 410 | Archives: Members only
Grup de discutii pentru MS Access, orientat catre crearea, dezvoltarea bazelor de date si programarea in VBA.
Members: 73 | Archives: Members only
This support group is restricted to the users of the Blue Lodge Information System (BLIS) developed by the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin Free and Accepted Masons. For information contact Art ... more
Members: 72 | Archives: Members only
10 belajar-access
Mailing List Untuk Saling Tukar Info dan Belajar Microsoft Access. Menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia
Members: 62 | Archives: Public

11 TrialGenie
This discussion list is for users of Clean Run Agility Trial Genie software so that they can discuss product features and help each other solve any problems. You may also use the list ... more
Members: 52 | Archives: Members only
12 MS-Access-VBA-Espanol
Este Grupo fué creado con la finalidad de promover el intercambio de conocimientos sobre MS Access y VBA en el idioma español. Aún estoy trabajandio en él y ni siquiera he ... more
Members: 40 | Archives: Members only
13 Agility_Trial_Management
This discussion list is for users of Agiltiy Trial Management. It is a place where they can talk about program features and help each other solve problems. Please use the list to report ... more
Members: 40 | Archives: Members only
14 AccessDevelopersPIM
This is a shared project to develop a "ToDo" application together. I save each new revision with a unique filename so that people can see the progression of the project. Make sure you ... more
Members: 38 | Archives: Members only
15 accessprogrammersforhire
This club was formed to help put Access Database Programmers together with those in need of having projects completed to join together to accomplish a common goal, to get the work done! ... more
Members: 37 | Archives: Public
16 msaccessiranianprogrammer
MS ACCESS Iranian programmer
Members: 36 | Archives: Public
17 Access4Dummies
Forumn to post all your MS Access questions. A place for begginers as well as experts.
Members: 32 | Archives: Members only
18 access-rtpvba
MS Access (all versions 2 thru X) is the topic. Most of the members belong to the Triangle (RTP) Visual Basic and Access user group. This user group meets on the Second Wednesday of ... more
Members: 26 | Archives: Members only
19 AccessMexUG
Grupo de Usuarios de Access en México: instalación, uso, tips y otras muchas cosas más. Todas las versiones: 2.0, 95, 97 y 2000.
Members: 24 | Archives: Members only
20 ouahabiaboubakeresseddik
the first page arabic in the cracking and hacking and codes with downloads
Members: 21 | Archives: Members only
21 msaccesstr
MS Access Development,Forms ,etc.. Uygulama Geliþtirme
Members: 21 | Archives: Members only
22 ouraccess
This group serves as an email address and data repository for programs used in Access courses taught at CCCC.
Members: 20 | Archives: Members only
23 accessbooks
For booksellers and collectors who use Microsoft Access to catalogue and manage their collections and inventory.
Members: 19 | Archives: Members only
24 microsoftaccessforum
I am relativly new to using Access and I am lloking to create a club where people can get together and share help and advice on Microsoft Access
Members: 17 | Archives: Public
25 accessusergroup
A Place for Microsoft Access Users to Interact Online ! ****** Welcome to MS Access User Group ****** *** ONLINE! *** <left> ... more
Members: 13 | Archives: Members only
26 accessmysql
MyAccess is an AddIn for MS Access 97/2000 which allows you to manage MySQL databases from within Access
Members: 13 | Archives: Members only
27 my_databases
Members: 7 | Archives: Members only
28 ConestogaDBMS
This is a forum for teachers at Conestoga College (all campuses) who teach any courses related to databases. Its purpose is to facilitate sharing of ideas, teaching resources, ... more
Members: 6 | Archives: Members only
29 rocktestgroep
ROCK testgroep
Members: 5 | Archives: Members only
Prof. Steiner: CIS 421 DBMS
Members: 5 | Archives: Members only
31 project-midol
This members-only group exists for collaborative purposes on the development of the software code-named "Project Midol."
Members: 5 | Archives: Members only
32 abc123456
Software Engineering CSCI 3130
Members: 5 | Archives: Members only
33 sclnw2002access
South Coast Learning Network in New Bedford, MA. Learning Relational Database Concepts. Will implement these concepts using Microsoft Access 2000.
< 5 | Archives: Members only
34 accessutp
Foro de los estudiantes de Maestría de UTP, especificamente del curso de Bases de Datos, donde trabajaremos con Access.
< 5 | Archives: Members only
All group members may download, modify and use the code, and development techniques shown in any of the project databases contained on this site. Each uploading member must only upload ... more
< 5 | Archives: Members only
36 eClydeAccess
eClyde Access Community
< 5 | Archives: Members only
37 arc13a
This group is established to share information, foster communication, and improve understanding of Access2000 for the Fall 2001 CIS13a class at ARC, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from ... more
< 5 | Archives: Members only
38 HCCA_Dev
HCCA_Project development notes, questions. Just for Tom and Kenny.
< 5 | Archives: Members only
This Club will be used for the purpose of people posting their Database Needs, to be Developed.
< 5 | Archives: Members only
40 enjoyaccess
this is a group dedicated to all people who share the view that acces by itself is powerful enough to not need a front end
< 5 | Archives: Members only
41 msaccessturk
Microsoft access ile ilgili yardým ve bilgi grubu. Bilgi paylaþýldýkça büyür. :-)
< 5 | Archives: Members only
42 d_gozin_via
i want to get information about sofware
< 5 | Archives: Members only
43 infocasino
vores gruppe
< 5 | Archives: Members only
44 nadaalanzi
Taking about computer
< 5 | Archives: Members only
45 shuaaa
jzdhbvfi adfhgio aohg a'dhgahvvbi pgjiivixc iihgioh
< 5 | Archives: Members only
46 yuituiyt
< 5 | Archives: Members only
47 Tiff_team
Young and energetic individuals who can change the future
< 5 | Archives: Members only
48 westbehin
Access2000 and VBA-files for final these
< 5 | Archives: Members only
49 westbehin2
Access2000 and VBA-files for final these
< 5 | Archives: Members only
50 nikei
"Talk about your application project"
< 5 | Archives: Members only
51 xr2m
emirates love
< 5 | Archives: No Archive
52 sql_with_access
This group is intended to all that develop solutions using MS SQL Server as back end and MS Access as front end.
< 5 | Archives: Members only
53 Dundee-Designs
We are an elite design company that delivers the best Database Designs around, they are to a very high standard and at a reasonable cost!
< 5 | Archives: Members only
54 cral_almodovar
Setup disks for ExListing
< 5 | Archives: Members only
55 rainbowdatadesign
A group for companies or individuals in need of database application to post project requirements and get FREE quotes!
< 5 | Archives: Members only