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Question: I am importing a CSV with dates like
"HD0000000000127","ABC","03/11/2002 10:01:28 PM", "XYZ"
The third field is a Date/Time field, but it doesn't import. I get Import Errors.   Can't Access even import Date/Time data?

Answer: Access can do it.  But it has to be in military format.  The date and time would have to be:
HD0000000000127","ABC","03/11/2002 22:01:28", "XYZ"
Then Access will import it just fine.

Question: How can I see a directory of tables with their record count?

select [Name], DCount("*","["&[Name]&"]") as RecCount
from MSysObjects
where Type=1 and [Name] not like "Msys*"
order by 1

Question: I am forwarding Robert Andersen's email to my Access mailing list to
simulate the CPCUG AccessSIG discussion list, which is currently
inoperational. For people needing Access help, I think it is better to send
it to my Access list. They will receive responses quicker and they will
receive more expert responses. So let's try this out.

Answer: My answer to Robert is that:

I never installed the ADO from the executables that Microsoft provided on
their website. My ADO was installed when I installed Visual Studio on my
machine. So if you have Visual Studio or any of its components (i.e. VB)
then install it.
The other thing that I can suggest is that you download and install the DCOM
software components. Developers who are using Windows 95 must do this before
instaling MDAC. Review the instructions on the web site again, you may have
missed this step.
Keep me posted.

Does any one else have any suggestions.


Fritz N. Francis
AccessSIG Chairperson

P.S. If you do not wish to participate in the discussion group, but still
wish to receive announcements please inform me of this by email.

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Andersen [mailto:Robert_Andersen @ed.gov]
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 1999 12:11 PM
To: ffrancis @bellatlantic.net
Subject: CPCUG - Help Access/SQL server via ADO

     Morning Fretz,

     It was a pleasure meeting you last night.  The whole session was
     excellent so I joined CPCUG.

     If you have time would you help me with a problem?  I'm building an
     MSACCESS front-end (thin client) and an SQL server for the back-end
     (data tables, stored procedures, etc.).  The front-end only contains
     the following ADO (an example from Access Advisor magazine) and the
     first Dim line doesn't compile.

       Sub ADOExample()
        'This example uses ADO to loop thru a rst on SQL Server 6.5
        Dim rstADO As New ADODB.Recordset
        Dim szSQL As String, szConnect As String

        'Define SQL statement and Connect string
        szSQL = "select * from tblemployees"
        szConnect = "DSN = dsn_cmis;UID=sa; PWD=;"
        'Open rst
        rstADO.open szSQL, szConnect, adOpenForwardOnly
        'Loop thru rst
        With rstADO
          Do Until .EOF
              Debug.Print .Fields(0)
         End With
         Set rstADO = Nothing

     End Sub

     I immediately received a compile error ("User Defined Type Not
     Defined") on  the first line:
                Dim rstADO As New ADODB.Recordset

     I discovered I needed and download the oledbsdk.exe from the MS site

     I put it in a directory located on my d: drive.
     After down loading and inflating the file, I needed to run the
     Setup.exe contained in the downloaded files.  This run setup.exe
     produced an error message:
         "The Setup program is not intended to be used with your version of

     ??? It requires Win95 and I have Win95???? This setup was suppose to
     Microsoft OLE DB ActiveX Data Object... as an option in my library.

     Any suggestion??

     I've used the last five days trying to get ADO working in it's
     simplist form.  I hear ADO is good; I just can't find anyone who knows
     how to install it and use it.

     Your help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

     Robert Andersen (note spelling ...sen)  (202) 205-2590


     This setup was suppose to put Microsoft OLE DB ActiveX Data Object...
as an
     option in my library.

     Any suggestion??