Converting From SugarCRM
and Sending your data for conversion


You can export Sugar records in .csv format to your local machine. Use Microsoft Excel, Notepad, or other text editors to open .csv files.

The .csv file displays column titles, including the Record ID (a long string of letters and numbers used as a unique reference to each account record) and all the other fields in the module.

Exporting data

When exporting values for drop-down list options, Sugar exports the ID associated with each option (that is, item name) and not the display labels. If you are exporting records that are assigned to multiple teams, the Team_Name column displays all the assigned teams for each record.

1. Select the records from the List View on the module’s home page.

2. Select Export from the Actions drop-down menu in the List View.
    To export all records listed on the page, click Select located above the item list and select one of the following options:
    This Page. To export all the records listed on the page, select this option.
    All Records. To export all records on the list (if it is more than a page long), select this option.
    This displays an Opening.csv dialog box.

3. Select Open to open the export file in .csv format or select Save to Disk to save the .csv file to your local machine.

4. Click OK to execute the operation. If you chose to open the file, the csv file opens in Microsoft Excel.
    The file contains all the fields in the module from which you are exporting the data.

Go to
Select the file such as ""
Send to
Enter your email address at your company
Message is optional, such as a password if necessary
click Transfer