How To

Print Invoices

Example: Computer Consulting at various client locations

You can enter your hours right after the job with NetLedger!
Almost every organization has browser access to the Web.

No more waiting until you get back to the office, only to forget some details, or worse, forgetting to bill the client.

No more stamps, mail time, and lost invoices

You can print out and hand the client the invoice right on the spot. You can see if there are any questions then and there.

This will result in the invoice being submitted for payment sooner.


1. Go to

2. Enter your Email/ID and Password
(Contact Rick@CICorporation.US if you need this.)

3. Select the Transactions tab

4. Select Create Invoices

5. Select the Custom Form: for example, Training Invoice

6. Select the name of the Consultant/Employee from the list

7. Select the Customer:Job

8. Select the [Print] button