Setting up NetSuite Cnd
Your Credit Card Processing Company
VeriSign PayFlow Pro Compatible

The Credit Card processing company must be VeriSign PayFlow Pro Compatible.  We suggest:

Nova Information Systems  866-552-3044  800-725-1243 



NetSuite suggests these guys, but they are too expensive

  Pricing & Fees  
If you need assistance, please call 888-898-7693
Setup Fee, One time (includes merchant account and VeriSign Payflow Pro)
Discount Rate for Visa & MasterCard
($25 Monthly Minimum)
Authorization & Gateway Fee (for Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover)
+ $0.10 (for Gateway)
Monthly Gateway & Customer Service Fee
Rewards / Corporate Card Surcharge
Non-qualified Transaction Surcharge
Chargeback Fee
ACH Reject Fee
  Special pricing is available for high volume merchants. 

  Merchant Agreement  
  By agreeing to these terms, Merchant:

1. Certifies that all information provided in the Application is correct.
2. Understands additional information may be needed before the Application can be fully evaluated.
3. Has reviewed and accepted all terms of the Merchant Agreement and Pricing Schedule.
4. Authorizes credit and debit entries to Merchant's business checking account.
5. Agrees to notify MeS if any information in the Application changes such as business owners information, address, or processing volumes.
6. Understands that incomplete or inaccurate information may result in account denial or cancellation.
7. After the expiration of the 30 day grace period, a cancellation fee of one hundred dollars may apply if you terminate your account before the end of the initial one-year term.
8. Authorizes MeS to obtain continuing consumer and business credit reports from consumer and business credit reporting agencies, and to verify all information contained in the Application.
9. Agrees that in the event the Merchant Agreement is modified, continuing to process transactions constitutes acceptance of the revised Merchant agreement.

I Accept
If you need assistance, please call 888-898-7693