History of the International House of Women

The house was the Delta Nu chapter of the nationwide Delta Zeta sorority until the 1970's
before Parsons College went under and sold the campus to Maharishi University.

Over 100 Satisfied Residents from over 40 countries around the world since 2006
including students from Maharishi University and the Invincible America Course

Afghanistan Australia Austria Bolivia Brazil Canada China CroatiaDenmarkEcuadorEl_salvadorEthiopia France GermanyHondurasIndiaireland
  ItalyIsrael Lebanon Myanmar Nepal Netherland New_zealand RussiaSerbia South_africaSpain Sweden Taiwan Turkey United_kingdom VietNam
California Hawaii Idaho Iowa Maryland Massachusetts Ohio Wisconsin Washington


Celebrating International Cultural Events

Halloween, Christmas, Swedish Waffle Day, Guru Purnimah,

International holidays such as Sinterklaas, birthday parties, musical performances

Christmas and New Year

Special Guests

Margareta Arvidsson - Miss Sweden and Miss Universe from 1966
a TM-Sidha, visited 806 N 4th for Swedish Waffle Day

"It is a lovely home you have here."








Rojina S h r e s t h a
Miss Nepal 2017 Finalist


Rojina's Introduction

Mandie J o n e s
Miss Teen Glendale California


Lila W a l l a c e
Daughter of Dr. Robert Keith Wallace
First President of Maharishi University
Viktoria L u g a s t e
Mother Divine
Visiting from Vlodop, Holland

Christy W e l t y
Fairfield City Council Member

"It is a great house you have, excellent location."

Nova R i s t i a n i
Delta Nu chapter of Delta Zeta alumnae from Parsons College, Fairfield, Iowa

Former Owner of the House
Stuart Rothenberg, MD - Ayur Vedic Physician

In the 1980's, the house was a the meeting place of the
Maharishi School Board of Directors including Dr. Bevan Morris

Ann Clifford

Real Estate Broker
for the house purchase

Persis Khambatta as Lt. Ilea of the planet Delta

Delta Nu chapter meeting in the movie Legally Blonde


Shaddock Development Company

Trump University