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FAST, accurate typing on a per hour basis

Based on
60 words per minute
1 word per second
about $2.00 per page
10 minutes per page
3600 words or 6 typed pages per hour
(assuming 600 words/page: 50 rows x 12 words/row)
depending on the technicality of the document

This comes out to about $12/hour (our minimum charge).
We may take breaks, so we stay alert, as you would want us to,
but not on the clock, and not on your dime.
We charge just for quantity of the quality typing that is done,
so you only pay for fast, productive typing.

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C I Corporation provides excellent word processing services via fax and e-mail


  1. You send or fax us the documents you want typed to 877-727-9070
  2. Enter your preferred payment method on our Online Form
  3. We type the document
  4. We email the finished document to you to print out.
    We can also print and FedEx or UPS the documents, for .25/page plus shipping