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Webex allows us to log in to your computer desktop, to:


It uses the latest remote meeting technology - just using your web browser!

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We also can help log in to help you via Symantec's PC Anywhere, if you have that software wpe9.jpg (1179 bytes)
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Or, if you have the software installed, with Microsoft Netmeeting
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Netmeeting is free, and is already installed with Window 2000.   The video picture is an option if you have a computer camera, but not necessary, as we will only need to use Netmeeting's Desktop Sharing feature.

Either way we can be of assistance right now.

Steps to Allow Desktop Sharing

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At any time, you can terminate the connection with the same "Sharing" menu
by selecting "Quit Desktop Sharing"

Thank you for using WebEx

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Consulting Rates - Discount rate for using Webex
We pass the savings on travel costs on to you.

Test of Webex Recorder

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