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Enterprise Solutions and Services


Symantec Enterprise Security combines world-class technologies, comprehensive services, and global emergency response teams to help businesses run securely and with confidence. Offering best of breed technology to protect gateways, servers and clients, our product portfolio includes virus protection, firewall security, intrusion detection, and vulnerability management. Symantec Enterprise Security customers are supported by one of the largest professional security organizations in the world who provide security consulting, security education and training, and outsourced managed services. And our global network of research teams work around the clock to quickly create and distribute fixes to the latest vulnerabilities and virus.

Home Computing


Symantec's Norton brand products for home computer users are among the most trusted in Internet Security and Desktop Utilities. The Internet security products provide peace of mind with integrated products that work seamlessly to protect individual's computers from virus outbreaks, inappropriate Web content and malicious hacker attacks. Symantec's full range of productivity and utility products provides easy-to-use solutions to optimize, repair and prevent future computer problems.

Small Business


Every day, more businesses rely on technology to store their critical information and to increase productivity. And every day, it becomes more critical to protect these assets. Symantec has a range of Internet security and productivity products to meet these fundamental needs. Multi-user packs offer the best value for growing businesses and are available in our most popular software: so small and medium businesses can add as many users as they need, quickly, easily.


Product Family Products

AntiVirus/Filtering 􀂃 NAVCE Desktop

􀂃 NAVCE Desktop/Server

􀂃 NAV for Gateways

􀂃 Symantec AV/Filtering for Exchange

􀂃 Symantec AV/Filtering for Domino

􀂃 NAV for Note/Domino (all platforms, except Web Servers)

􀂃 NAV Mac

􀂃 SAVEE 8.0

Symantec Web Security 􀂃 Symantec Web Security-AV Only

􀂃 Symantec Web Security-Content Filtering Only

􀂃 Symantec Web Security-AV/Content Filtering

CarrierScan 􀂃 Symantec CarrierScan Server

􀂃 Symantec AntiVirus Command Line Scanner

􀂃 Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine

I-Gear I-Gear

Mail-Gear Mail-Gear

Desktop Firewall 􀂃 Symantec Desktop Firewall

􀂃 Norton Personal Firewall Mac

pcAnywhere 􀂃 pcAnywhere Host

􀂃 pcAnywhere Host/Remote

􀂃 pcAnywhere LAN Host

Ghost Ghost Corporate Edition

Norton Utilities (not

available in all countries)

􀂃 Norton Utilities 2002

􀂃 Norton Utilities Mac

Procomm Plus (not

available in all countries)

Procomm Plus

WinFax Pro (not available

in all countries)

WinFax Pro

NSW/NIS (not available in

all countries)

􀂃 Norton System Works

􀂃 Norton Internet Security

AntiVirus Web Servers 􀂃 Symantec AV/Filtering for Domino on NT/2000 Web Server

􀂃 NAV Lotus Domino Web Server on AS/400, AIX, Solaris,


Symantec Enterprise


􀂃 Symantec Enterprise Firewall

􀂃 Symantec Enterprise VPN

􀂃 Symantec Enterprise Firewall w/VPN

􀂃 Maintenance

􀂃 WebNot/NewsNot