Previous Versions

Version 4.02.03

Simpler interface, more user friendly, not so many choices at once
Spread the choices out in to separate tabs for easy reading
Options that are not often used are now on Options tab
More explanations written on the form
Improved import procedures
Hyperlinks to FTC site for download

Version 4.01.30

You can Fix Format in Phone Data File, such as automatic inserting of Area Codes and Dashes
Delete the whole person's record is a separate option from marking
UnDoRun is now a command button
Gray Progress Window updates every 10 seconds, to show you how much is left to do.
Automatic backup of Phone Data File in to CallNot.BKP file
Simplification of menu choices
Improved Microsoft Access support, option for deletion of records

Version 4.01.12

Mode 1: You can simply type in an phone number to see if it is on the Do Not Call List.
It will turn Red if on the Do Not Call List, or Green if it is Ok to call.

Version 4.01.11

User friendly screen by Oksana Designs
Simplification of options
No need to see other Data Types not being used, change to drop down list
Ability to default to a certain Data Type through INI file
Logos for various Data Types

Version 3.12.12

Just press enter when putting in a single phone number as Phone Data
When looking up a 7 digit phone number, it can assume the Local Area Code
Clarification of menu items, such as "Field-to-Mark" instead of "Phone 2"

Version 3.11.23

Improved Maximizer support
DNCSTART.DBF becomes DNC_LIST only on first run

Version 3.11
Enhanced explanation of DNC_LIST.DBF use
Ability to extract FTC Zip files automatically

Version 3.10.21

Improved Delimited support of any and all delimiter characters
Ability to use Phone Field for Area Code if split in to separate columns
Area Code + Field to Mark can be combined at time of comparison
DNC List is called DNC_LIST for clarity, instead of Demo100K
Improved support for deleting records on delimited files and spreadsheets
Improved ability to recognize Excel field names and data types, even with blank rows

Version 3.10.20

Improved Support for Comma Separated Values - with quotes or without
Excel spreadsheet data file support -even without field names
Maximizer data format
SalesLogix data format
XML inport of DNC list
Export file prefix, such as "9,1"
Ability to suppress local area code for export file

Version 3.12

Improved support for Tab Delimited files
Version specifier
Demo mode

Version 3.10.6

Ability to handle a whole folder of files at once
Addition of disk space information (some of those files get pretty big)
Enhanced CSV file support - ability to choose the field by combo box
Source file date, size, and record information
Improved user friendliness of menu
Enhanced Help feature
Custom Query / Report feature
Special Operations - customized record handling

Version 3.0

Ability to handle CSV files
Export to DNC or OKC files

Version 2.0

Added Access, QuickBooks, XML file support
Ability to choose a field to change, different from Phone field
Add any missing Area Codes, based on City and State

Version 1.0

Ability to mark Phone field, or delete
Support for ACT!, dBase, FoxPro, Goldmine, Sharkware, TeleMagic

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