Automatic reminder to update DNC List
every 30 days

The law states that you can not call someone who has been on the DNC list for 30 days.
So you need to update your DNC_LIST.DBF every month.
The CallNot software reminds you, and makes it an easy process.

When you load the CallNot sofware, if the FTC DNC List tab is Red, then you need updating.

Click on the tab, to find the steps to update your DNC list.

When updated, the menu will have the normal light blue color

Steps to update your CallNot software, and FTC DNC List, as suggested about every 30 days:

1. Click to Download Phone Numbers from the FTC web site Telemarketing.DoNotCall.Gov

2. Enter your Organization Id password, then Download Full or Change List, as Flat Text

3. You will receive an email to Download a long named Zip file in to C:\CallNot\Data

4. Click on the Update button to extract and load the latest phone numbers from the .Zip

Updating your DoNotCallSoftware

Optional: A couple times each year please download and install the latest version from

This keeps your software current, and enables you to use the latest features and conveniences.