Tip: Do Not Delete from Do Not Call List

You may well ask "Why would someone, once on the DNC List, want to be deleted from it?"

Why would someone in their right mind, once they are enjoying the peace and quiet, want to start receiving telemarketing calls again?

We thought that was odd, and decided to find out for ourselves.

We did a survey, now that these numbers are again callable, and found the following important results. 
Note: to preserve their privacy, we have X'd out the first digit.

X094647142,2004-02-26T20:28:02,D fax machine
X029987433,2004-02-26T17:41:51,D Lady did not realize she was off the list, and had never asked FTC to delete.
X124211123,2004-02-24T11:56:01,D fax machine
X732391298,2004-02-28T02:06:20,D left message
X159525494,2004-02-24T12:27:07,D He took it off thinking it would affect long distance capability
X145932407,2004-03-01T21:10:04,D fax machine
X738662499,2004-02-25T12:51:29,D Owner did not know anything about it, Never asked FTC to be on or off.
X738921604,2004-03-02T18:58:35,D Lady did not realize she was off the list
X136711419,2004-02-28T09:07:04,D Sutherland company has a special do not call number line for people to leave a message taking themselves off their do not call list
X042773168,2004-02-24T20:56:05,D Lady was not aware she was off the list. Never asked FTC to delete.

If the list is an Update of your existing list, it will look something like this.

The number, then a comma, then Date and Time
The "A" means to Add it, and "D" means to Delete it


So we recommend that you do not Delete the numbers, even though the Government says it is ok.  Many of the numbers were fax numbers anyway, which will only waste your time.  Many more are people who do not realize they are now Off the list, and want to be back on.   They seem to be numbers that are not worth adding back on to the list, anyway.

Our software includes an option to delete them or just keep them on the list.  

Do you want the DoNotCallSoftware to consider deleted phone numbers?

If you Browse the DNC_LIST you will see a black mark to the left of some
of the phone numbers. This means that they have been designated by the
Government to be numbers that are OK to Call again. They were once in
Do Not Call status, but now they are off the list, for various reasons.

You may well ask: If someone was once on the DNC List, why would they now
want to be off the list? Do they enjoy getting telemarketing calls?

Our survey shows that these numbers have been Disconnected, or are Fax
numbers. For those that answered, the person had no idea he or she was
back off the Do Not Call List, and they wished to be back on the list.
So they are probably not good prospects. We suggest you use the Off setting,
that is unchecked, while processing your Phone Data with this software:'