Tips for Using CallNot with Excel
Preparing an Excel .XLS file for use with DoNotCallSoftware

Microsoft Excel files need to be prepared for use with DoNotCallSoftware.

CallNot must see the Excel spreadsheet as a database, not just columns of data.  

The field names should be in the top Row 1

Extra "blank space" should be removed. 

  1. Press Ctrl+Home to go to the top left of the spreadsheet
  2. Press Ctrl+End to see where the bottom right is, according to Excel
  3. If there are extra blank columns, move your cursor to the lower left of the actual data.
  4. Press Ctrl+Shift+Home to highlight to the top left.
  5. Select the Range Name box name it "DATABASE" 
  6. File, Save the spreadsheet

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+End shows that "Blank Space" is present

Select this area, and define it as "DATABASE"

 Widen the column containing the Phone field, if you want to mark with "DNC"

  1. Place your mouse pointer to the right of the Phone field
  2. You will see the pointer change to a left & right arrow
  3. With the left mouse button, drag about 2 centimeters to the right
  4. This leaves enough room for the "DNC" to be appended to the number
  5. It may help to make each column a bit wider than its contents

    6. Get rid of all "Blank Space" to the right and below your data. 

This Blank Space can cause problems because it causes the Do Not Call Software to think that there are more columns than there actually are.  It also causes the software to think that there are more rows to process than there actually are.  Any files saved from the Excel spreadsheet, such as Comma Separated Value (CSV) or dBase Files (DBF) will also have these blank rows. 

A. First select all the columns to the right that you do not need, in this example columns H through L.
    It does not hurt to select more columns to the right, just to be safe, such as H through Z, or even to column IV

B. Select Edit, Delete to delete those columns, which will make sure no hidden information remains from them

C. Now, do the same for the rows you do not need, by selecting Rows from 66 though 72.
    It does not hurt to select more rows, from 66 down through 65536.
    You can do this by starting at A66, then pressing Ctrl+Shift+End

D. Select Edit, Delete, which will delete those rows.

E. Now File, Save which will update the "UsedRange" in the Excel Worksheet

F. You can now test with Ctrl+End to see that the lower right corner is as far as there is data.


You can specify that the DNC Marker is Before, After, or Replacing the Phone number

How to make a CSV files from an Excel Spreadsheet

Sometimes the Comma Separated Value (CSV) format is better for Do Not Call processing. 

    Save As
        Select Save As Type
            Change it to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.CSV)
Enter your desired file name with a .CSV at the end

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