How To Load Up the CallNot Software
with the Latest DNC List
from the Government
Step 3


Helpful How To Instructions

1. Install the CallNot software

2. Download the Latest DNC List from the FTC  Splitting 2 Gigabyte file

3. Load Up the CallNot software with the Latest List

4. Use the CallNot Software To Clean Your Phone List


    Look for the C:\CALLNOT.EXE file

7. Now we need to Update the Government DNC List

8. Click on UpDate then select File

1 =  A single Zip or TeXT file containing many phone numbers in either Text or XML format downloaded from the Government DNC web site.   This file usually has a long character name, such as RMFGHeZShFQ1OQguMuLTHA== This is the most common option you would use, once a month or so, to keep your DNC Reference List current
F = Folder - a collection of many Zip files
For example one for each State in the nation AZ-WY

You can now UnZip and Import all 50 State ZIP files with one command.  The FTC has recently divided the nationwide list in to files for each state.  Without this feature, it would be very tedious to do each one by one.

M = Manually, by typing with Ctrl+N This could take you some time, to type in each phone number one by one.  But we are providing a way for you to add numbers which may be new for some reason.
Z = Zip file If you just downloaded the latest DNC Zip file from the Government, the file name will appear for you to select Z,
so you don't have to look for it, in the C:\Callnot\Data folder
Move files to ARCHIVE folder after they are processed Download the Zip files from the FTC to your CALLNOT\DATA folder, then as they are imported they will be placed in the ARCHIVE folder automatically so you do not have to see them again in the DATA folder.
Delete unZipped file when done if Zip file exists (save space) After the Zip file has extracted the file containing the new numbers, and these numbers have been processed, there is no need to save the extracted file on the disk.  It will save disk space if you select this option to delete it.  You still have the Zip file to go back to if necessary.
Log activity in a text file for checking results Recommended for potential trouble shooting

9. Select the file you Extracted in Step 5, and select OK

10.  You have the opportunity to inspect the file, to see if it contains phone numbers.
        First, close the window showing phone numbers with the X in the upper right.
        Then select the OK button in the upper right corner of the screen.

If the list is an Update of your existing list, it will look something like this.


The number, then a comma, then Date and Time
The "A" means to Add it, and "D" means to Delete it

NOTE: You may well ask "Why would someone, once on the DNC List, want to be deleted from it?"
We did a survey, now that they are callable again, and found the following important results.

11. You will be prompted.  If the file contained phone numbers, select Yes

12. You will see the program working, to add new numbers, or determine if they are already present.  It usually takes about 7 minutes to update.

Tip: You can make it run faster by pressing Alt+F7, it will only take the time to update the Time Estimate information in the upper left of the screen about every 10 seconds.

Added = The new phone number has been added to the DNC_LIST reference file

Already = The number was already in the DNC_LIST reference file, and does not need to be added again.

Deleted = The number was specified for deletion from the DNC_LIST so it can be called again.

A running total appears at the time of the screen so you can see the progress, similar to the following:

Start Tuesday 06/02/06 19:20:41
Now: Tuesday 06/20/06 19:31:00
Days:Hrs:Mins:Secs:  0: 0:10:39
Record 106,393/3,364,924 13%
Sec/Rec: 0.01 Rec/Sec 163.95
End: Wednesday 06/21/06 01:02:47
Days: 0.24 Hrs: 5.70 Mins: 342.11
ToGo: 0.23 Hrs: 5.50 Mins: 330.06
The day, date, and time when the process started.
Shows you the time now, updated every 10 seconds
The Days, Hrs, Mins, Seconds run so far.
Number of records to be processed, percentage complete
Seconds per Records speed, and Rec/Sec rate of speed
Graphical progress bar.  Done: ===  ToDo ------
Estimated ending day, date, and time
Estimated Days Hrs, Mins that the process will take
Estimated Hours and Minutes to go until finishing
File that is currently being processed

Automatic Processing and Archiving of Zip Files

The FTC recently changed the National list from 1 big Zip download with all the states, to 50 state by state downloads. 

So, instead of clicking once, then going going on to something else as it downloads,
You have sit at your computer and click to download 50 separate times.
This is tedious, boring, and could take over an hour!

But no problem with CallNot! 

You can UnZip and Import all 50 State ZIP files with one command! 

As files are processed from the C:\CallNot\DATA folder


they are automatically moved to the C:\CallNot\DATA\ARCHIVE folder
so you won't accidentally process it twice, which saves you time.

Just click All to process them all, then you can go away and come back later!
It may take hours, but at least with our software the process is automatic.

The APPENDNC.TXT log file will show your progress.

Now you are ready to use the program on Your data file

CallNot Software