How to Install WinZip


1. If you Don't have the WZCline.exe, you can unzip it yourself, with the following steps:

    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

4. Find and double click on the file from the FTC.
    Look for a file name such as:


Click on the I Agree button


Optional UnZip Utility

You might already have WinZip installed on your computer, which CallNot will use to uncompress the file.
    If you need it, you can Open and run the WinZip installation from the web.
    Look on for "Download Evaluation Version" and choose the top one. 
    Or click here for WinZip80.Exe
    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on how to use it. 
    It's a very handy program to have for backing up and other uses.

You might want to download and install the Command Line companion program, called WZCline.Exe
        WZCline is used by the CallNot software to make it automatic to unzip the update Zip files from the FTC.