Free Sample Scripts
for Special Operations

You can copy and paste these in to your DoNotCallSoftware

NOTE: Please back up your database before performing any special operations

* Note that the asterisk means that this line is just a comment, rather than a command to do an operation

* Special Operation - to add DNC mark to the end of the Name
wait window 'Doing Special Op' +str(recno()) nowait
replace Name with trim(Name) +cMarkDNC
* Special Operation - to replace Addr3 field with DNC
replace Addr3 with cMarkDNC
* Special Operation - to remove all DNC marking
wait window 'doing Special Op' +str(recno()) nowait
replace Phone with strtran(Phone, cMarkDNC, '')
replace Fax with strtran(Fax, cMarkDNC, '')
replace Home_Phone with strtran(Home_Phone,cMarkDNC, '')
replace MobilPhone with strtran(MobilPhone,cMarkDNC, '')
replace Pager with strtran(Pager, cMarkDNC, '')
replace AltPhone with strtran(AltPhone, cMarkDNC, '')
replace Phone2 with strtran(Phone2, cMarkDNC, '')
replace Phone3 with strtran(Phone3, cMarkDNC, '')