Restocking FeeRestocking Fees

We offer conditional 7-day money back guarantee for CPU and memory, and 30-day money back guarantee for most other items. The conditions include non-refundable items and restocking fee. Why restocking fee? We do not want to profit by selling low-quality products and charging high restocking fees. However, restocking fees become necessary in order for us to keep our costs and prices down. A majority of customers never return items. When items are returned in non-resellable conditions, we have to sell them as used and below costs. If not paid by those who returned them, the additional costs had to be "shared" by others, which we believe are not fair. We choose to keep our prices down by charging a restocking fee to non-defective, non-fault returns. We try to keep the restocking fee as low as possible and in line with the cost associated with the return. Therefore, we have devised the following rules to determine the restocking fee:

Non-Refundable Items

The following items are not refundable even if returned within the time limits:

  • Shipping charge
  • Labor charge for systems and testing
  • Opened software
  • Opened and used cases (chassis)
  • Any items that are defaced or physically damaged by end-users. We reserve the right to check the conditions of the returned items before issuing a refund
  • Any items that become non-functional due to user error or virus
  • Clearance items that are marked as non-refundable
  • Any items that have the warranty label/mark removed by customer that cannot be verified as our products
  • Any items that do not have a matching serial number between the product and the original receipt
  • Any retail boxed items returned without the original retail box, manual, driver CD/diskette, or cable set
  • Memory and processors returned after 7 days
  • Any items other than memory and CPUs returned after 30 days

    Items with 0% Restocking Fee
  • No restocking fee for items that are returned due to our shipping error or shipping damage. We reserve the right to confirm the error.
  • A Discrepancy Report or Shipping Damage Report must be filed within 30 days for most items and within 7 days for CPUs and memory.

    A restocking fee is applicable whenever the return is due to "Wrong item ordered," "Customer does not like the product," "Item no longer needed," or "Couldn't get it to work." The actual restocking fee depends on the item and its returned conditions as outlined below:

    Items with 15% Restocking Fee (Must be returned in 15-days)

    We charge a 15% restocking fee for the following items:
  • Unused cases (due to poor box condition for resale)
  • Unused monitors (due to poor box condition for resale)
  • Unused other items that were shipped in the original retail box, such as printers and scanners
  • Standard memory modules (must be returned in 7 days)
  • OEM sound cards
  • OEM modems
  • OEM network cards

    Items with 20% Restocking Fee (Must be returned in 15-days)

    20% Restocking fee is applied to most items.
  • Microprocessors (CPUs) (must be returned in 7 days)
  • Keyboards and mice
  • <$100 Video cards
  • OEM Floppy, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM drives
  • Opened speakers without subwoofers
  • All systems
  • All clearance items

    Items with 30% Restocking Fee (Must be returned in 15-days)

    Depreciation and thus our cost are the highest for these returns, for which 30% restocking fee applies:
  • Opened hard drives (with broken anti-static bag)
  • Opened, retail boxed microprocessors
  • Used, tested, and mounted motherboards
  • Used, tested and mounted high-end video cards (>$100 items)
  • Proprietary memory modules such as those for notebooks and printers
  • Used, retail boxed tape drives
  • Opened speakers with subwoofers
  • Opened printers and scanners
  • Used, retail boxed CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and CD-RW drives

    Besides restocking fee, charges the following service fees if applicable:
  • $5 COD charge for COD shipment via UPS
  • $19 Cross-shipping fee
  • $10 for using customer's shipping account
  • $18 Labor for assembling a system without operating system
  • $39 Labor for assembling a system with operating system
  • .