The cover story on the HP 95LX in the U.S. Marines is one of the best written profiles we've had. However, it has a very definite "U.S. Marine" point of view, and I felt a bit uncomfortable selecting it. It's true that the HP Palmtops and The HP Palmtop Paper originate in the United States. However, Palmtop usage transcends ethnic and racial boundaries and we have subscribers from over 81 different countries -- including one subscriber from Iraq.

There has always been a strong, collective desire in the world for peace. In quiet moments, we realize that deep within us there is a fundamental intelligence that unifies us all. However, that experience is in contrast with the level of diversity we see in the world. That diversity can lead to conflict, and most nations establish their military forces to protect peace, not destroy it.

The HP Palmtop is a natural companion to the mobile military decision maker. In our cover story, Major Jim Cummiskey describes his use of the HP 95LX in the Kuwait desert. At the same time Major Cummiskey provides civilian Palmtop users (no matter their national origin) with plenty of practical every day uses.

The issue is full of tips, and not only from the Major. We continue our expanded Quick Tips and Basic Tips sections. In addition with this issue's review of the new 100LX Connectivity Pack we add a page of Connectivity Pack quick tips.

Also, many users will find helpful the article on using the HP Palmtop as an every day calculator. Would-be Palmtop programmers can use Ed Keefe's Programmer's Corner as a reference for selecting an appropriate language. HP 100LX DOS users be sure to check out Mark Scardina's article on enhancing Application Manager.

For those of you interested in adding useful and enjoyable software to your Palmtop for little or no money, read the article on the 1993 Subscriber PowerDisk and my User to User column. The letters, new products, and advertisements complete the issue.

Hewlett Packard recently ran an ad for the 100LX entitled: "The road warrior's weapon of choice". Whether your every day battles come as a soldier, a farmer, a doctor, a lawyer, a salesman, an executive, I hope these pages provide you with ammunition for your palmtop.

Hal Goldstein, Publisher