Convert ACT! to Outlook

The text is about a service that converts ACT! databases into Outlook. The service is designed to transfer, update, and convert ACT! contacts into Outlook contacts. This process involves specifying the database and executing the transfer. The service checks the results to ensure everything has been transferred correctly.


The conversion process includes converting entire ACT! Contact databases into Outlook Contacts, maintaining Outlook equivalents of ACT!, transferring data from ACT! into Outlook, and updating, merging, or transferring contacts. The service also provides duplicate checking to prevent multiple records from being created and full transfer of data including Todo's, Calls, and Meetings. It's fully integrated with Outlook including customized selection of folders for all activities.


The conversion service also offers field remapping of ACT! fields into Outlook Fields, Field Discovery of Outlook Fields to be remapped, Selective Group Conversions, Group-to-Categories Mapping, Intelligent 1-way synchronization with Outlook, and Multi-User Support. It also provides an enhanced duplicate checking and updating system that identifies Contacts, Todo's, Meetings, Notes, History, and Calls that need to be updated or added in Outlook.


The service also converts various activities from ACT! to Outlook such as To do's, Calls, Meetings, History, Notes etc. It also includes converting ACT! Notes to Outlook Journal Entries and Activity attachments into Outlook Attachments. It also converts all the main fields that have Outlook equivalents and ACT! User defined fields into Outlook fields.


The service is fully compatible with local and public folder mechanisms and supports Multi-User ACT! Databases. It allows users to manage contact updates via overwrite, update, and clear mechanisms and supports intelligent update management of Activities.


The service claims to be the safest, quickest, and smartest way to keep your ACT! in sync with your Outlook. After conversion, the interface retains the look and feel of ACT!, but it is actually Outlook.