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Contacts >GoldMine “Contact Tab” – does data convert Y/N – If yes where in Outlook - I would like to keep as a subset of original contact not a new individual contact.

Yes we convert the Goldmine Contacts in to the Outlook Contacts folder. 

Screens >What does it look like Before and After the conversion?

We have some "Before and After" Screen shots athttp://www.cicorp.com/Outlook/convert/BeforeAndAfter.htm

Details >Goldmine Details Tab – does data convert Y/N – If yes where in Outlook. I would prefer not be part of notes area but if that is only work around or to costly I could massage info before upload to convert. Details become User defined fields in Outlook.
Calendar >Your enhancement for linking contact with activity (very important) is a permanent fix – future work in outlook will have link or only conversion data? Future appointments in Outlook can have an icon link to the Contact.   The conversion data will have the Contact's name, so you can tell which person the appointment goes with.
Calendar >Do you have enhancement or third party for Outlook for “Outline Calendar View” like in Goldmine? There may be some, but there is an Events View in the Outlook calendar, so you can see the activities (calls, meetings, todo) in a list`
Emails >Do you convert Goldmine emails? Yes, we put them in to a separate PST (Post document for Microsoft Outlook) in the way that they appear in Goldmine, sorted by User, Year, and Month

Goldmine to Outlook Conversion


Before and After Conversion Screen Shots