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Question: How do I repair my Outlook .PST file?

Answer: You can use the Outlook Repair Tool

Question: How do I select the next or previous Contact record.

Answer:  Outlook Contacts keyboard shortcut for Next Record = Ctrl+Shift+. (period)     Previous Record = Ctl+Shift+, (comma)

Question: How do I back up my Outlook database?

Answer:  File, Open & Export, Import/Export, Outlook Data File (.pst), select folders, select location, Finish

Question: How can I convert my data into Outlook?

Answer: we offer a service to Convert to Outlook

Question: How can I swap the Business and Home address fields in Outlook?

Answer: You can run a Visual Basic program

Swapping the Business and Home address fields in Outlook

There is no choice on the Outlook standard interface to copy or move fields from one column to another.
Yet we can write and run a program to do this operation within minutes, automatically.

Question: Where is my Outlook 365 file saved?

Answer:  C:\Users\YourName\AppData\local\Microsoft\Outlook\YourName@YourDomain.com.ost     For example:

Question: What does .PST stand for?    What does .OST stand for?

Answer: Personal Storage Table and Offline Storage Table

Question: Visual Basic is not working in Outlook

Sometimes the AddOns my be turned off
the VbaProject.OTM file may be corrupted.  Delete it an make a new one

What is a Conflicted Item?

You can resolve them by clicking then choose the duplicate record with the Last Edit Date.


Question: How do I stop Outlook from sending out email invites when updating an Outlook appointment?


There's an option on outlook.live.com which can disable email notifications for a shared calendar. You can follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to outlook.live.com in your browser

2. Go to Settings Image > View all Outlook settings Image > Image Calendar > Shared calendars

3. Under Calendar Updates, uncheck the shared calendar from which you don't want to receive email notifications anymore

Question: What are the Outlook field numbers for use in functions such as

Here is a list


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